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Meet Collin Cowgill

Posted By Howard Megdal On December 18, 2012 @ 2:23 pm In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

What do you do when you need an entire outfield, another starter, a bullpen, catching depth, and starting pitching depth (according to your own general manager [1])? Furthermore, to do it  you have, reportedly, only $7 million to spend [2], since the $15 million deferred of Jason Bay’s $21 million owed in 2013, and the $8 million saved on David Wright thanks to the structure of his contract extension, appear to be badly needed by ownership for other purposes?

Meet Collin Cowgill [3]. The Mets gave up Jeffry Marte [4], who was not the plan at third base unless there’d been some kind of King Ralph scenario involving David Wright and Wilmer Flores.

Cowgill is the kind of player who doesn’t get much of a chance, undersized, right-handed, plays all outfield positions but not distinguished at any of them. Still, that’s exactly what Mets need. All of their outfield possibilities right now- the three best, amazingly, are Lucas Duda, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Mike Baxter- all have a problem hitting lefties.

Cowgill, if he hits like he did in 2011, would be a huge asset for the Mets. His numbers were way down in 2012, and it makes me wonder why. There’s enough of a shift across the board that an injury seems likely, but I haven’t gotten any word of that yet.

Regardless, Cowgill is a good bet to be given every chance to make the Mets out of spring training. He’s a potential solution, given his skill set. And he’s nothing close to a good bet, but the hope is that he can create, with one of Baxter, Duda or Nieuwenhuis, a useful platoon at one outfield spot.

That leaves two more, if we assume Nieuwenhuis can make enough contact and Duda can perform passably in the field, and the Mets can find two more right-handed hitters.

Sandy Alderson still has some work to do. But a healthy Cowgill will go a decent way toward helping.

Here, don’t think about that. Think about this. [5]

We’re going to be spending a lot of time during Mets games in 2013 closing our eyes and pretending we’re either in the future, or in Binghamton.

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