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Mets, Jason Bay Part Ways

Posted By Howard Megdal On November 7, 2012 @ 1:44 pm In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Just announced by the Mets. More to come as I get it.

UPDATE 1: Here are the quotes released by the Mets.

“Jason is a great teammate, hard worker, stand-up guy, and true gentleman,” said Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon.  “Like Jason, we had planned for the kind of production here that he enjoyed in Boston and Pittsburgh, where he established himself as one of the game’s top players.  We wish Jason and his family success and happiness in the future.”


“Jason has a tremendous work ethic. There was never any question about it,” said Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson.  “Unfortunately, the results weren’t there and we are in a results-oriented business.  We thank Jason for his efforts and wish him well.”


“I still feel I have plenty to give to this game and that I can play baseball at a high level. But after serious consideration, both sides agree that we would benefit from a fresh start,” said Bay.  “I’m grateful we were able to reach an agreement to allow that to happen.  I’m excited to keep playing and have no intention of just walking away.  I enjoyed my time in New York.  I have no regrets in signing with the Mets, other than that I wasn’t able to play to the level that the team, the fans and I all expected and that we weren’t able to win more games. I move on with nothing but an appreciation for the organization and its fans and best wishes to all my teammates there.”


“As I’ve previously said, there’s not a player who tried harder to succeed or was more frustrated and disappointed than Jason himself,” said Mets Manager Terry Collins.   “I’ll miss Jason’s presence in the clubhouse as a player, teammate, and person.”

UPDATE 2: My thoughts on this are essentially that the Mets traded a non-zero chance Bay recovers, but one that sure looked pretty close to zero, to free up at-bats for others and avoid forcing fans to watch the deterioration of Jason Bay in 2013. So it makes sense, won’t help for 2013, but certainly does bring relief to fans, the Mets, and probably Jason Bay as well.

Enjoy it, folks: could be the highlight of the winter.

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