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Game 74: Cubs 6, Mets 1

Posted By Howard Megdal On June 25, 2012 @ 10:12 pm In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

Pete Barrett

When Terry Collins took the Mets job he promised a fundamental product that a father could take his son to see. The kind of team that played the game the right way. Good thing Monday’s game was in Chicago.

But, as glaringly horrid as the Mets defense was today – partially because of the natural conditions – it hasn’t been much better all year.

The Mets made three errors in their 6-1 loss, that brings the team to 57 on the year, fourth worst in MLB.

In a more advanced metric, FPCT (Average of Total Errors Per Total Chances), the Mets rank 15th in the NL.

The bullpen has been poor all season, but Monday’s loss should not be pinned on them.

In the bottom of the 7th inning with Jon Rauch on the mound, David Wright dropped a popup in the swirling wind. The ball landed in fair territory after nicking off of Wright’s orange glove, and the batter Adrian Cardenas went all the way to third.

Rauch struck out Reed Johnson on four pitches, and then forced Darwin Barney to pop up to shallow right field. Ronny Cedeno, and Ike Davis ran out, and Lucas Duda charged tentatively.

Duda, too, lost the ball. As it hit off his thigh, Cardenas scored easily, and Barney went to third base. Starlin Castro was next, and he reached on a fielding error by Ronny Cedeno, which scored Barney.

Rauch, who forced two popups and an easy ground ball, was yanked from the game after allowing two unearned runs. Ramon Ramirez took the ball and allowed two more runs.

The Mets should have been through that inning without allowing a run. Instead they went into the top of the eighth down by five.

The offense is to blame too, as they were shutout through the first 26 outs. Davis hit a solo homer to center with two outs in the ninth.

The losses recently are results of the Mets vulnerabilities. But, they are not new story lines. The Mets have not been able to relieve or field all season.

Poem by Howard Megdal

In second city,
Mets yield bats to Wood’s power
And leave gloves at home

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