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Game 73: Yankees 6, Mets 5

Posted By Howard Megdal On June 24, 2012 @ 10:41 pm In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

The Mets lost more than a game or a series Sunday night at Citi Field, they lost their Kyra Sedgwick.

The Mets placed their closer Frank Francisco on the disabled list before their 6-5 loss.

The bullpen has been an issue all season for the Mets, as they continue to hold the Major League’s worst ERA of 5.30. The question now, who can fill the void? It might not eighth inning man, Miguel Batista.

Batista allowed the winning home run to Robinson Cano in the eighth, after getting through the seventh unscathed. By all accounts, Collins did not want to continue to use relievers when he knew he was a reliever short with Francisco on the DL.

The manager failed to call upon the Mets’ situational lefty, Tim Byrdak, a move he later acknowledged was a mistake.

On Saturday, Chris Young allowed three runs in the seventh inning. Sunday night, R.A. Dickey allowed five runs in six innings. The Mets’ starting pitching was on a  stretch that wasn’t sustainable. There was only so long that each pitcher would take the ball, every five days, and throw a quality start.

But, the magic is ending at the wrong time. The Mets needed a win Sunday to tie the season series agains their cross town rivals, and to prevent a losing streak from forming. Instead, they once again turned to their bullpen which let them down. It was Rauch Saturday, Bautista Sunday.

You can blame Dickey for Sunday’s loss, and even Young for Saturday’s. They have pitched well, and can’t throw gems every time. That pain you can swallow. But with the bullpen, this has been going on too long. And now, with Francisco on the DL their troubles will only become more severe.

The Mets open a three game series in Chicago against the worst team in baseball – the Chicago Cubs on Monday. Their ace Johan Santana squares off against Travis Wood. Monday’s matchup is a must win for the Mets’ ace (bandage), he needs to stop the bleeding.

Poem by Howard Megdal

RA allows Es
Tejada caps comeback run
Batista? Cano

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