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Game 67: Reds 3, Mets 1

Posted By Howard Megdal On June 17, 2012 @ 9:17 pm In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

Pete Barrett / The Journal News

Johnny Cueto idolized Pedro Martinez growing up in the Dominican Republic. On Fathers Day, Cueto was the Mets’ Daddy.

Cincinnati’s ace struck out eight, and allowed just one run in seven innings as the Reds won 3-1, and swept the Mets. It was the first time this season, the Mets have been swept at home.

Chris Young started for the Mets. He too went seven innings, but allowed all three Reds’ runs with two outs in the fifth inning.

Zach Cozart started the rally with a double to left field. Former Mets’ utility infielder Wilson Valdez (who plays CF for the Reds) laced an RBI single up the middle to score Cozart. Young intentionally walked Joey Votto, who was 1-2 on the day, and decided to pitch to the cleanup hitter, Brandon Phillips.

The count was a ball and a strike, and Phillips tapped a grounder past the outstretched glove of second baseman Daniel Murphy and into right field. Cozart scored easily.

The ball was hit slowly, and Votto attempted to go from first to third on the single. Mets’ right fielder Lucas Duda charged hard, and rifled a line drive throw towards third base.

The ball and Votto arrived simultaneously, but the throw from Duda was on the wrong side of the runner. Wright tried to dive over a sliding Votto, but could not reach the ball which skipped into the Reds’ dugout.

Votto was awarded home, and Duda was given an error for the offline throw. Phillips ended up at third base, but was stranded as Jay Bruce grounded out. The Reds’ would not score again, but neither would the Mets.

New York’s lone run came in the 2nd inning. Ike Davis singled to right, Daniel Murphy to center, and Josh Thole to left. Unlike Votto, the Mets’ went base to base.

Andres Torres, who was hitting eighth in the Mets’ lineup lifted a lazy fly ball to center field. The ball was not hit deep enough to score Davis – even with Valdez in center.

Two outs, bases loaded, and Young stepped to the plate. Cueto had allowed only 19 free passes heading into Sunday’s game, but walked Young and forced in a run.

Thats all the Mets could do. All game. Cueto, doubled in his eighth win of the season. Maybe after the game “Daddy” taught the Mets how to hit too.

Poem by Howard Megdal

Competence from Young
Indolence from Mets’ hitters
Cincinnati sweeps

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