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Posted By Howard Megdal On June 1, 2012 @ 10:58 pm In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

If he never throws another pitch, Johan Santana will be revered in Mets history like few who came before him. Really, like no one who came before him, since what he’s done-throw the first no-hitter in New York Mets history-hasn’t been performed before, and can never be accomplished again.

In a season with such low expectations in the minds of so many, and too many games between now and October to say exactly what this Mets team is capable of doing, no fan of the New York Mets will be able to look back at 2012 with bitterness. The no-hitter, FINALLY, has come, and no one can take that away from the New York Mets.

That it came from the left arm of Johan Santana, a pitcher whose left arm has been the subject of so much uncertainty these last few years, after it had been coveted by the Mets and their fans for years, then expected to lead New York to a championship- it is perfect, somehow. (Though as I told my father, if you’d told me a few years ago that a Met would throw a no-hitter while walking five, my money would have been on Oliver Perez.)

We don’t know how Mike Baxter is feeling right now. His injury looked pretty serious. Even that seemed to make sense- of course someone had to be ritually sacrificed for the Mets to finally throw a no-hitter. That the someone was a Queens native made even more sense.

My primary thought when the ninth inning rolled around, my phone buzzed with texts I dared not look at: do I wake my two-year-old daughter? Ultimately, I erred on the side of letting her sleep and DVRing the game. I hope I made the right choice as a father. We, as Mets fans, don’t get many moments like this one. (In fact, and you may have heard this, tonight was our first.)

Mets 8, Cardinals 0

The waiting’s ended

Nine innings, no hits, pure joy

Amazin’ Johan

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