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Fifth Starter Rankings, From Bad to Worse

Posted By Howard Megdal On May 4, 2012 @ 11:11 am In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

So the Mets have said they are going to announce who their fifth starter will be sometime Friday. I don’t know about you, but my entire productivity has shut down while I impatiently await the announcement. Will it be one guy who probably shouldn’t be on a major league roster? Or a different guy who probably shouldn’t be on a major league roster? This kind of drama is why we all love baseball.

While we see if Garrett Olson or Jeremy Hefner gets the Golden Ticket- and by Golden Ticket, I mean the right to hold a rotation spot as long as they pitch around five innings and give up four runs or less- here’s my ranking of the potential fifth starters.

1. None of the Above- the Mets need to go elsewhere to get a better option. Seriously, Roy Oswalt for a few months, Javier Vazquez coaxed out of retirement, Pedro Martinez- none of these are particularly good ideas, and the Mets probably don’t have the excess capital to make it happen anyway. But they stand a better chance of helping the Mets than the current alternatives.

2. Chris Schwinden- believe it! He’s the best they have. His K rate isn’t good at Triple-A, but it is better than Hefner. His walk rate is much better than Olson’s. This is not an endorsement. It is grudging acceptance.

3. Garrett Olson- he’s a failed MLB starter. He’s walking five batters per nine innings at Triple-A. But at least he misses bats.

4. Jeremy Hefner- good control, but way too reliant on balls in play to be effective, especially with the current Mets defense.

5. Dylan Owen- think a poor man’s Dillon Gee. But very poor. Like, had a bunch of his money in the stock market back in ‘08, and took what was left of it after the crash and invested in Groupon.

6. Matt Harvey- the best of the bunch right now, but at the expense of vital minor league development. Pass.

So. Who’s excited?!?

More important: Arizona comes to town, and the guy who beat out Kirk Nieuwenhuis for NL Rookie of the Month, Wade Miley, pitches tonight. I’m assuming the Mets will seek vengeance.

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