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Bay to DL; Lutz to New York

Posted By Howard Megdal On April 24, 2012 @ 1:17 pm In On the DL,Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Public perception of Jason Bay hadn’t changed yet, but he had been putting up a fairly decent year, with a 118 OPS+ so far. A few clutch hits, and people might have started to take his renaissance seriously.
But that won’t happen anytime soon. Bay was placed on the Disabled List Tuesday, thanks to a nondisplaced fracture in his ribs. He sustained the injury on a play last night where his saw a ball pop out of his glove as he planted his face into the left field grass. Really, it was quite a way to go.
The addition of Lutz is probably a competition between the 1B/3B and Jordany Valdespin to earn their way into Terry Collins’ heart before Andres Torres returns. Meanwhile, Scott Hairston is probably going to get the bulk of the starts in left field. What happens when Torres returns is anyone’s guess, and still some time away, though Torres has begun playing rehab games.
The vote here would be to platoon Torres and Hairston in left field, with Nieuwenhuis playing center field, so the rookie can concentrate on learning to hit major league pitching without needing to conquer left field, which he’s not played as a professional, at the same time.

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