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Off to Citizens Bank Park

Posted By Howard Megdal On April 13, 2012 @ 11:24 am In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Happy Friday to you! The Mets open a three-game set with Philadelphia tonight. The series features some delicious pitching matchups [1]. R.A. Dickey faces Cliff Lee tonight, Jon Niese takes on Vance Worley tomorrow, and Mike Pelfrey faces Cole Hamels on Sunday.

It’s fairly strange that this weekend’s series lacks the drama of Mets-Phillies battles from back in 2007-08. Then again, any time the Mets have a chance to beat Philadelphia, it is welcomed by Mets fans. And with both Ryan Howard and Chase Utley out injured, this is a pretty good time to be facing Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, the big Met injured, David Wright, could return tonight. I wrote about the public pressure to convince Wright to return to the lineup here [2]; short version is, the Mets are taking the short-term view with an injured player yet again.

Whether Wright can go, or if he tries, if he can contribute, is an open question. Remember that he played with a broken back last year, just not well. If Wright is unable to go, it is heartening, at least, that Zach Lutz is off to a monster start for Triple-A Buffalo. He had two home runs on Opening Day down there (up there, directionally, from the Lower Hudson Valley- well, you get my point), and Lutz is hitting .333/.400/.593 through his first 31 plate appearances this year.

Seeing what Lutz can do, while keeping Daniel Murphy at second base so he can finally show if he can play the position, makes a lot more sense than the plan currently advocated by Terry Collins, which is to move Murphy to third and patch second base with Justin Turner.

And they all make more sense than regular plate appearances for Ronny “68 OPS+” Cedeno.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery from Wright, or barring that, some common sense from the Mets. So, really, a speedy recovery from Wright, or bust.

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