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BREAKING: Wright’s Pinky

Posted By Howard Megdal On April 10, 2012 @ 8:04 pm In On the DL | Comments Disabled

Feeling good about your Mets, were you? Hey, 4-0! Beat the odds! Here comes the karmic retribution Mets fans deserve after, well, all of it.


David Wright, seen last night hitting and not appearing to have any broken bones, has a fracture in his pinky, the Mets announced moments ago. He’ll be re-evaluated tomorrow, which would be, I assume, a doctor telling him, “Yep, still broken! We weren’t drunk when we made that diagnosis.”

The impact is enormous, of course. The dropoff from Wright to either Justin Turner or Ronny Cedeno could scarcely be larger. Who knows how long it will take for Wright to return? This is precisely the problem with a roster built entirely without depth.

If the injury requires a disabled list stint, a call up of, say, Zach Lutz would make a ton of sense.

It’s got to be awfully deflating for the Mets. Last night, on top of the world. Tonight, without a huge part of the team for an undetermined time- and undetermined time hasn’t been kind to the Mets in a long, long time. Here’s the full statement from the Mets.

“Last night, David Wright jammed the fifth finger of his right hand. An X-ray revealed a small fracture at the middle joint of the finger. This is a non-operative injury. The finger will be splinted and reevaluated tomorrow. David can return to baseball activity as tolerated.”

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