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Scene from Port St. Lucie

Posted By Howard Megdal On March 10, 2012 @ 3:05 pm In Spring Training | Comments Disabled


[1]A quiet day at PSL. The minor leaguers were getting their physicals. The big club headed to Viera to take on the Nationals.

And with no one else around, I saw Daniel Murphy take extra BP, and then again. Then he went off by himself to do another hour of exerting core exercises.

Look, we all know Daniel Murphy can hit. We’re all waiting to find out if he can play second base and stay healthy.

But there’s really no one it is easier to root for on the New York Mets.

Other note from the past few days:

Adam Loewen, according to Adam Rubin [2], is a favorite to win the backup outfielder job over Mike Baxter right now, with Scott Hairston still dealing with his oblique injury. As a result, an outfielder who can back up in center field is a must, and Loewen can play the position, apparently.

That is awfully nice to hear, considering the opposite-field home run I saw him hit on Thursday afternoon. The man has plenty of power, and the idea that the Mets might have a diamond in the rough who can hit for power and play center field would be potentially significant for the team. Andres Torres is no long-term answer in center field, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis probably profiles at a corner. Just something to file away.

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