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A Pair of Acquisitions

Posted By Howard Megdal On January 3, 2012 @ 1:11 pm In Player moves,Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Happy new year, LoHud Mets Blog folks! We’re only about seven weeks out from spring training, but the Mets have plenty to do between now and then. And no, not just find a bunch of minority partners.

To that end, the Mets signed Omar Quintanilla to a contract Tuesday. This makes a lot more sense than signing Jack Wilson, someone the Mets were reportedly interested in.

Both players provide defensive cover at multiple infield positions. But Quintanilla is much younger than Wilson, has a minor league hitting track record that suggests a surprisingly good offensive season is at least possible, and is much less expensive. With Wilson, you’d probably be paying well over a million dollars for similar defense and offense, and almost no breakout possibility.

The move I wish they’d made happened a bit to the south, with Rick Peterson joining the Orioles as organization-wide pitching coach. Peterson got results with the Mets who followed his plan, while taking blame for things that weren’t his doing (think the responsibility for Victor Zambrano/Scott Kazmir swap) while getting undermined (pitchers were told they could ignore his program, making his presence moot).

In a dysfunctional Baltimore situation, Peterson may have trouble succeeding. But if he’s given true autonomy over pitcher development, I’m confident the Orioles will be better for it.

More to come as the Mets add their remaining players. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Prince Fielder.

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