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Free Agent Fit: Jack Wilson

Posted By Howard Megdal On November 22, 2011 @ 4:05 pm In Player moves,Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

So, the Mets are one of six teams [1] reportedly interested in Jack Wilson, the Wayne’s World “We’re in Delaware” of free agents. Wilson hit .243/.274/.285, but he played second, short and third. So he can… hurt you at three positions.

He’s got a great defensive reputation, but UZR actually had him at -10.7 runs at shortstop per 150 games in 2011. Still, let’s assume that he’s above-average defensively, for the sake of argument. That offensive line is still awful.

Still, let’s apply the test, shall we? After all, the Mets aren’t rumored to be in on many free agents.

1. Can this player help the Mets? A little. Having a backup shortstop is better than not having one, since if you fail to field a shortstop at all, every ball hit that way is a single. But he shouldn’t be doing much more than replacing people for defense late. And heaven forbid he gets any starts at third base over David Wright. .243/.274/.285!

2. What kind of contract can he expect? Amazingly, a pretty good one, if six teams want him. He’s coming off of a two-year, $10 million deal. So one year with an option, $3 million per season? Just a guess. But something like that.

3. Can the Mets afford him in 2012? Yes, though with around $12-15 million to spend this winter on free agents, is that really how you want to blow your money?

4. What is the maximum amount the Mets should offer him? The league minimum. I mean no disrespect. But a backup middle infielder with a good glove who will put up a sub-.600 OPS is available for this much money as a minor league free agent, or in a trade for a bag of nothing. And he’ll probably be younger, too, leaving more room for potential breakout.

5. What are the chances I think he is a Met in 2012? I honestly don’t think this player fits this management unless he’s available for far less than I speculated he’d get in answer to question 2.

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