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Nick Evans Essay Contest: Winners!

Posted By Howard Megdal On September 19, 2011 @ 6:00 am In Nick Evans | Comments Disabled

Let me be clear: everyone who participated in the Nick Evans Essay Contest is a winner. That said, some won more than others, in the sense that the winners who won prizes for winning won something tangible, while those winners who didn’t win prizes won something far more ephemeral which won’t play Game 6 of the 1986 World Series [1] in their DVD players. But the five winners? They won that DVD.

That said, due to the overwhelming quality and number of entries, I am awarding five prizes to entrants of the Nick Evans Essay Contest. I enjoyed reading all of them. I recommend that you read all of the entries on the LoHud Mets Blog Facebook page [2]. (You can like us while you are there.) It was gratifying to see both the level of engagement for the blog, and for a player who isn’t at the forefront of the team’s marketing plans. I enjoyed knowing that other people form attachments to secondary players just as intently as I do.

Here are the winning entries, in no particular order:

Nick Evans has the right stuff! He has been my favorite Met since he came up in 2008. I bought an Evans worn Jersey, which he signed, and even bought MLB package so I could follow his career. Nick Evans means to me—Mets success! Got that Sandy?

An ode to Who? Who is this man who wears number 6? As of late he is one with clutch hits. A man with potential and grace. A ladies man with a pretty face. A blue collar player true and true. A growing favorite for those true to orange and blue. He IS Nick Evans. Sent to us from the heavens.

My first son will be named Nicholas Evan O’Halloran. Like his namesake, he’ll be a gentleman, a scholar, a feared and clutch hitter, and a humble individual. He’ll wield a bat like Hernandez maintains his mustache: effortlessly. Ultimately, it’s just a ploy to yell that name from a mountaintop.

Slumps that move Jason Bay down in the order put me in AAA. A ten run home run couldn’t get me on Minaya’s radar. My glove makes David Wright’s throwing look not as bad. I am clutchitude incarnate. I look scared, but I’m not. Hello! I’m Nick Evans. Anyone listening?

If you ask any Mets fan on Twitter who the biggest Nick fan is, they’ll probably say me. But what exactly does he mean to me? He’s an inspiring player who has shown perseverance and strive, despite continual undeserving DFAs. He’s my BASEBALL GOD. I love him…and his hair.

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