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Citi Field on TV for Soccer

Posted By Howard Megdal On July 8, 2011 @ 8:30 pm In Citi Field | Comments Disabled

For those of you who follow me in my other writing pursuits (@howardmegdal on Twitter [1]), it should come as no surprise that I covered the inaugural soccer match at Citi Field last month- Ecuador vs. Greece.

Well, I am no less excited about the second soccer match at Citi Field, July 26 at 7:30. Juventus out of Italy will take on Club America of Mexico. Now, it isn’t the most exciting matchup in the Herbalife World Football Challenge- that has to be the Champions League final rematch (Manchester United vs. Barcelona) four days later in Landover, Maryland.

Still, the Citi Field match will be on television, it was announced tonight [2]- ESPN2, ESPN3 for those with fancy computers. And I would urge everyone to see it, both for the oddity of that baseball field converted to soccer- quite nicely, incidentally- and to measure just how useful soccer can be to the Mets as they try to find additional sources of revenue.

As I’ve written before, should Irving Picard prevail in his case against the Wilpons, even in part, that is likely to be game over for them as owners. But if Picard doesn’t, they still have a race of several years to raise the $200 million they’ll need to pay David Einhorn to prevent him from becoming majority owner-assuming the minority sale is finalized.

When finances were flush, the idea was that the Wilpons would own a 20th Major League Soccer team and build a soccer-specific stadium near Citi Field. But instead, it could be that another owner takes that 20th MLS franchise, and uses Citi Field as a home, at least until a new stadium is built. That won’t come close to making up the financial shortfall, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

So check it out, for the novelty, for the financial impact… and to see Alessandro Del Piero in person! Now, if you’ll excuse me, the seond half of Peru-Mexico will be a nice lead-in to Mets-Giants.

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