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Some Friday Morning Anxiety For You

Posted By Howard Megdal On June 10, 2011 @ 10:03 am In Player moves,Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Look, if I have to experience it, why not pass it along?

Whether via trade or free agency, the Boston Red Sox have always struck me as a likely destination for Jose Reyes. Jed Lowrie is a nice player, but he isn’t in Reyes’ class (and is less than a year younger). Marco Scutaro is no one’ long-term solution. And the Sox already locked in Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez long-term- Reyes gives them another star in the same age group to peak together, at an extremely hard-to-fill position.

But an item in this Jon Heyman piece [1] really has me worried. It talks about “Boston people” saying that, in essence, the presence of Jose Iglesias will keep the Red Sox from going after Jose Reyes.

Really? This Jose Iglesias [2]? With the .526 OPS at Triple-A after a .672 OPS at Double-A last year?

Don’t get me wrong, he’s considered a decent prospect- 52nd overall in Baseball America’s Top 100 this year- but he hardly seems ready for the big leagues. Far likelier, he’s several years from being a star- you know, around the time Crawford and Gonzalez are exiting their primes.

It’s precisely the opposite of properly leveraging those two long-term deals. And Theo Epstein is too smart not to know it. I’m concerned that a statement like that to Heyman wasn’t a denial, but a negotiating stance.

Now this is a lot to get from a statement to a reporter that asserts the opposite of what I fear. I know. But that’s my take, and why. Here’s hoping I am insane.

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