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Friday Roundup

Posted By Howard Megdal On May 27, 2011 @ 11:29 am In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Well. That was quite a week.

Let’s start with the new minority owner, David Einhorn. As I discussed in this piece for Capital New York [1], Einhorn is a good bet to either step in when the Wilpons settle/lose a judgment to Irving Picard, or to be investing long-term with the belief that whoever comes next will continue to inflate the value of the team. Keep in mind that despite all the well-documented missteps, the Mets were valued at $392 million in 2002, and $747 in April 2011. So as an investment, particularly with Picard’s efforts likely to result in new ownership, Einhorn’s bet makes sense here.

Preliminarily, Einhorn looks like a strong presence for Mets fans as well. The hallmarks of his work on Wall Street appear to be a similar approach to Sandy Alderson’s in baseball- information-based, long-term goals, steady plans. I’ll continue to research him and talk to people familiar with his work, and keep reporting as I learn more-since that’s what a responsible writer does when something vital breaks on his beat, rather than throwing one’s hands in the air and taking a wait-and-see attitude. This New York piece from a few years ago [2] is a fantastic read on Einhorn, incidentally.

In on-field news, R.A. Dickey was sent to the Hospital for Special Surgery to have his sore right heel examined. This doesn’t mean the worst-case is upon us, but I’d feel a lot better about the severity of the injury if he’d been sent to Ralph’s Band-Aid Emporium, or better still, The House of Guaranteed To Make His Next Start. I’ll keep you posted as that news breaks.

Chances are the replacement for Dickey in the rotation will be Chris Schwinden. To learn more, check out Toby Hyde’s breakdown here [3]. In short- he throws about as hard as Dillon Gee, but seems to have better late movement on his fastball, and comparable command.

In better news, looks like Angel Pagan will be back today, with Fernando Martinez heading back to Triple-A to get regular at-bats. The logic inherent in Sandy Alderson moves never gets old, after a couple of decades without it.

And if you’d like some optimism heading into this weekend against Philly: Roy Oswalt, who pitches Friday, hasn’t been the same in terms of strikeouts or velocity since returning from the disabled list. Saturday’s pitcher is Cole Hamels, who got knocked around his last start and pitches poorly against the Mets historically. And Vance Worley, who goes Sunday, continues to have control issues and got roughed up in his last start. The Mets miss Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay.

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