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We Have Some Winners; Are Yankees and Mets So Different?

Posted By Howard Megdal On May 13, 2011 @ 8:56 am In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

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Still looking for a pair of additional winners- so what are you waiting for? To read more about the book, check out this interview [3] in New York Magazine.

As for the Mets, they head to Houston for three with the Astros. I do think it is interesting to see the gap between how the Mets and Yankees are currently perceived. Many have written off the Mets already, while the Yankees are considered a playoff team as a matter of course.

But the Mets are now 17-20, with upcoming games against Houston, Florida and Washington before next week’s series at Yankee Stadium. And the Yankees are 20-15, with upcoming games against the Red Sox, Rays and Orioles. In other words, it wouldn’t take much for the Mets to get to that Subway Series with a record right around the same as the Yankees. And simply put, the Marlins and Phillies aren’t nearly as good as the Red Sox and Rays.

When it is all said and done, I still think the Mets are around an 84-win team, though obviously, if the team sells much of its major league talent come July, the record will suffer in August and September. And that’s probably not enough to win a division, or even a wild card.

But the Mets have a pathway to 84 wins- better performances from David Wright, Jason Bay, Josh Thole and Angel Pagan on offense, Mike Pelfrey and Jon Niese out of the rotation. All will improve simply by reverting to career norms. And it would be hard to say anyone on the roster has overachieved so far, with the possible exception of Ike Davis (who also may simply be emerging as a star; too soon to tell).

The Yankees are on a 92-win pace, but that’s with Bartolo Colon striking out a batter per inning, Freddy Garcia checking in with a 2.61 ERA, Curtis Granderson posting an OPS+ of 160 and Russell Martin at 132, while no one is clearly underachieving. Return to their career norms of performance and health, and just how many games will the Yankees win?

And if you want to argue that Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter are the upside, well, putting your money on a 39-year-old catcher and 36-year-old shortstop may not be wise.

It will sure be interesting to see if the Mets can weather the loss of Ike Davis and make some noise over the next week. A 5-2 stretch, along with a 3-4 stretch by the Yankees, and the two teams would enter next weekend with strikingly similar records: Mets at 22-22, Yankees at 23-19.

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