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Roundup: Mets News Aplenty

Posted By Howard Megdal On May 11, 2011 @ 1:24 pm In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Not much of that roundup is good, I’m afraid.

  • Ike Davis, who exited Tuesday night’s game against Colorado following a collision with David Wright, is heading back to New York for tests on his strained left calf. As strange as it sounds, the handling of this move itself is good news, as Dave Lennon writes in Newsday [1]. The Mets are taking an immediately proactive, cautious approach to an injury. Jose Reyes’ 36 games in 2009 and the bullpen session Johan Santana threw last year with his injured shoulder are sad it took this long.

  • This afternoon’s scheduled game in Colorado has been rained out, and the Mets will play tomorrow at 3:10 instead.

  • The Mets named their pitching rotation through the middle of next week, and Dillon Gee will start Friday and Wednesday. So that is either good news or bad news, depending on what you think Gee can be. Mark me down for somewhere in the middle, closer to bad.

  • Steve Cohen, considered the frontrunner to buy a minority share in the Mets, is now out of the running, according to the New York Post. Briefly, consider me a skeptic about the idea that someone will pay $200 million for 49 percent of the Mets (worth an estimated $800 million, but with more than $600 million of debt), absent even the chance to buy the team outright if the Wilpons are forced to sell. Also, consider me a skeptic about the idea that even if the Wilpons can get that $200 million, pay $25 million back to MLB, make that debt balloon payment of $22 million on Citi Field in June, and weather an estimated $60-70 million in losses by the 2011 team (leaving them roughly $80-90 million from that sale), that they can hold onto the team with the Madoff Trustee, Irving Picard, seeking $1 billion.

  • The only good news? I am still picking random Facebook members who “like” our page [2] to win autographed copies of my book, Taking The Field. Makes a great Father’s Day gift, or projectile in case the Mets leave runners in scoring position!

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