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A Primer on Met Moves

Posted By Howard Megdal On April 16, 2011 @ 1:21 pm In Player moves | Comments Disabled

Between the rainouts, doubleheaders and injuries, it may be hard to keep track of who is pitching for the Mets, who will head to Triple-A Buffalo, and who is on the Disabled List. So, here is a brief summary.

Game 1, Saturday: D.J. Carrasco will start, but since he isn’t stretched out, he will be backed up by Pat Misch. Misch takes Chris Young’s spot on the roster. Young is being DL’d to allow his biceps tendinitis to heal, and is eligible to return April 26.

Game 2, Saturday: Mike Pelfrey. That is status quo.

Game Sunday: Dillon Gee looks like the choice, with Ryota Igarashi likely to go to Buffalo to make room on the roster.

Chances are the pitcher who pitches best of the three (Carrasco, Misch, Gee) will remain in the rotation for one more start (all Chris Young is scheduled to miss). The pitcher who pitches worst, but isn’t D.J. Carrasco (Misch or Gee), will get sent down when Jason Bay returns, something that could happen as soon as Tuesday. 

Got all that?

My take: this all makes perfect sense. The Mets, gloriously, are treading cautiously with their players, making sure short-term injuries have the best chance not to become long-term injuries. Put it this way: Young to the DL is the antonym in The Thesaurus of Poorly Thought-Out Baseball Moves for playing Jose Reyes when he could only swing pain-free from one side.

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