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Mets can’t solve Diamondbacks, fall 9-6

Posted By James Kwasnik On July 30, 2010 @ 10:07 pm In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

The Arizona Diamondbacks have only won four out of their last 15 games, and all of them have come against the Mets. The fourth win came tonight as an error by Jose Reyes led to five runs to put the D-backs up for good.

Once again, Mike Pelfrey got off to a rocky start, allowing three runs in the first inning alone. He threw more than 40 pitches in the first, giving up five hits and walk.

The Mets answered right away in the bottom of the inning when David Wright hit the first of his two home runs. This one scored three.

Pelfrey started to settle in and only allowed one more earned run in the third inning.

Down one run, the Mets fought back again. Wright hit his second home run, scoring two more to put the Mets ahead.

Pelfrey pitched into the sixth inning and got an out before Reyes committed an error on a routine ground ball hit by the opposing pitcher Ian Kennedy. Pelfrey got one more out before Jerry Manuel pulled him after 118 pitches. It was a questionable move considering Pelfrey had really settled in and looked a lot better.

Instead, Manuel went to Raul Valdes, who has been brilliant in relief. He just didn’t have it tonight, though, as Kelly Johnson hit a two-run homer. Valdes allowed two more hits after that. Instead of pulling Valdes who clearly couldn’t get an out, Manuel left him in. Miguel Montero then crushed a three-run bomb below the Pepsi Porch.

That made the game 9-5, which pretty much sealed the game since the Mets have not won after being down four runs all year. They did tack on one more run on an Angel Pagan RBI single in the seventh inning. However, that is the only run the Mets have scored against the worst bullpen in the majors in more than 11 innings.

Manny Acosta relieved Valdes and struck out all four batters he faced. Elmer Dessens and Pedro Feliciano, who looked a lot better than his last outing, also pitched scoreless innings.

Despite Wright’s and Reyes’s three-hit game, the fifth through the ninth batters went 0 for 18. Pagan’s RBI was the seventh hit, the only ones the Mets had all night.

Former Met Aaron Heilman, who had not saved a game against the Mets yet, of course did so this time.

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