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Mets end skid with 6-1 win over Dodgers

Posted By James Kwasnik On July 24, 2010 @ 12:59 am In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

Johan Santana finally got some run support and the Mets finally won a game as they exploded for six runs against the Dodgers on Friday night.

Santana continued his excellent outings over his past few starts by allowing only one run on four hits in seven innings.

The Mets offense got things rolling early as Jose Reyes and Luis Castillo got hits off Dodgers starter Vincente Padilla. Both Angel Pagan and David Wright struck out, but Reyes was able to score when Russell Martin tried to throw out Luis Castillo, who was trying to steal second. The ball was dropped, however and Castillo was safe at second.

The Mets struck again in the second when Ike Davis hit his 14th home run of the season, just one behind Wright’s total.

The game stayed 2-1 through the seventh inning after the Dodgers got a run in the fifth inning. Then the Mets’ bats came alive in the eighth with a little help from four walks. The Dodgers used four relief pitchers in the inning.

Reyes walked to lead off the inning. He stole second, followed by a walk by Castillo. Pagan bunted the two base runners over, and Wright hit a sacrifice fly to score Reyes. Carlos Beltran was intentionally walked. He and Castillo then advanced to third on a wild pitch. Davis walked. Jason Bay finally got a clutch hit as he doubled in three runs. Maybe banging his head against the fence jarred his bat lose.

The Mets not only displayed offensive prowess and patience at the plate, but they also exhibited some great defense. Bay made a running catch, smashing into the left field fence. He was shaken but was able to continue playing. Pagan had two back-to-back  sliding catches in right field, while Beltran had one of his own.

Bobby Parnell and Francisco Rodriguez finished up the game. K-Rod had an unusual 1-2-3 inning.

Jerry Manuel was ejected in the second inning after arguing a call when Castillo was called out at first when instant replay showed he was safe. Sometimes managers will try to get themselves tossed out of  a game to get their teams fired up. If so, it seemed to work this time.

The Mets gained ground on the Braves who lost to the Marlins. However, the Phillies blanked the Cardinals to stay a half-game in front of the Mets.

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