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National League finally wins All-Star Game

Posted By James Kwasnik On July 13, 2010 @ 11:33 pm In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

It took more than 13 years, but the National League finally ended their drought and beat the American League 3-1 in tonight’s All-Star Game.

During the season, they’re foes, but tonight they were all on the same side as the pitching held up for the National League as some prognosticated it would.

Brian McCann provided most of the offense by driving in all three runs on a bases-clearing double in the seventh inning.

Nine pitchers combined to hold the American League to one run, off Hong-Chih Kuo in the fifth inning. He was erratic in this 2/3 of an inning, giving up a walk and causing an error when he tried to throw out Joe Mauer. That error allowed Evan Longoria, who had the walk, to advance to third as Mauer made it to second. Robinson Cano hit a sacrifice fly to drive in the only run, an unearned one at that.

Jonathan Broxton had a shaky closing situation in the ninth. He allowed a leadoff single and just barely induced an out when Marlon Byrd made an excellent play to throw out a slow-footed David Ortiz at second. AL manager Joe Girardi had spent most of his bench, except for Alex Rodriguez, whom I’m sure he wanted to use in a different situation than as a pinch runner. He then got Ian Kinsler to fly out to end the game.

David Wright played 4 1/2 innings and got two hits, though the first was a gimme as Cano bobbled the ball badly in the fourth. It should’ve been ruled an error. His second came in the fifth. He stole second but was stranded at third. Wright has now hit in his fifth straight All-Star Game, the longest streak since Wade Boggs did it from 1998-2002.

Because of the win, the NL will get have home field advantage during the World Series.

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