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Mets declaw Tigers despite rain delay

Posted By James Kwasnik On June 23, 2010 @ 12:26 am In Game wrap-up | Comments Disabled

Jon Niese had a no-hitter going until it rained on his parade, rather pitching outing. He had a three-run lead in the third inning before a driving rain delayed the action.

When the rain subsided about an hour later, the Mets were back on the field and continued to pound the Tigers with a final tally of 14-6.

Angel Pagan got things started with a triple in the first inning, which drove home Jose Reyes. David Wright then drove in Pagan with a sacrifice fly.

In the third inning with light mist falling, Wright walked, followed by an Ike Davis single. Jason Bay then doubled, driving in Wright and putting Davis on third. Then the skies opened up and the tarp went on the field.

The rain delay didn’t deter the Mets’ offense as they continued to do damage after the rain subsided. Detroit starter Justin Verlander didn’t come back onto the field to finish what he started. That was just fine with Mets, who feasted on rookie Jay Sborz.

Sborz hit Rod Barajas with a pitch to load the bases. He then hit Jeff Francoeur to drive in another run. Ruben Tejada also contributed with an RBI fielder’s choice. After Niese failed to get down a sacrifice bunt, Reyes got his second hit of the night and knocked in Francoeur.

The Mets weren’t done, however. Pagan singled in Reyes and Tejada after Reyes had stolen second base. Wright hit a single to center. That was it for Sborz, who allowed two inherited runners and allowed five runs of his own. Between Sborz and Verlander, the Tigers gave up 10 runs in the first three innings. Davis doubled to left to score Pagan and Wright.

The Tigers would not go quietly into that rainy night. In the top of the fourth, they got two runs off Niese with a walk and homer by Brendan Boesch. In the bottom of the fourth, the Mets answered back after Pagan drove his third and fourth RBI of the night.

Detroit roared back some more in the fifth inning, knocking Niese out of the game, despite a sizable lead. He gave up three more runs. When he loaded the bases with two outs, Jerry Manuel decided to pull him. It was a shame of an outing as it started out so promising, but rain delays will do that.

Fernando Nieve relieved Niese but allowed another hit to put the Tigers within 11-6. Niese was tagged with all six runs. They would be the last runs the Tigers would score. Nieve pitched two scoreless after that.

The Mets weren’t quite done yet, either. In the sixth inning, Wright doubled to score Reyes. Davis then singled to drive in Pagan, and Bay hit a sacrifice fly in which Wright scored.

Bobby Parnell came into the game for some mop-up duty in his first appearance this year. His fastball popped at 98 mph, and he struck out two but walked one. Ryota Igarashi retired the side in order in the ninth.

The Mets gained a game on the Braves, who lead them by 1 1/2 games in the division.

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