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Niese almost perfect in nightcap with Padres

Posted By James Kwasnik On June 10, 2010 @ 9:49 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

It was a night the Mets and especially Jon Niese will never forget as he threw a complete game shutout of the Padres, 3-0. If not for a double in the third inning from Chris Denorfia, the Mets would have had their first no-hitter and perfect game as Niese didn’t walk a batter in his 108 pitches.

The Mets offense got things rolling in the second inning when Chris Carter, filling in for Jason Bay in left field, hit a leadoff double. Rod Barajas followed up with a single that put Carter on third. Jeff Francouer then drove in Carter with a single. The inning ended when Ruben Tejada grounded into a triple play.

The Mets weren’t done, however. In the third inning, Niese led off with a walk. Jose Reyes bunted for a hit, and Niese advanced to third and Reyes made it to second on a throwing error by Yorvit Torrealba, whom the Mets flirted with acquiring in the off-season.

Jesus Feliciano, making his first career start with the Mets in center field, grounded out. David Wright also grounded out, but that brought home Niese, with Reyes advancing to third. Ike Davis then singled, bringing home Reyes to make it 3-0. That’s all the Mets would get and all they would need it turns out.

So, the Mets win the series putting them in a tie for second place after the Phillies got shut out by the Marlins, 2-0. It was a great way to end the home stand, especially after a disappointing performance by Johan Santana in the first game of the double header.

The Mets next travel to Baltimore for some more interleague action. It will be interesting to see whom the Mets select as their designated hitter. Baltimore isĀ  a dreadful team so anything but a series win would be a failure. Undefeated R.A. Dickey will face off against Jeremy Guthrie.

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