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Today’s Mets headlines

Posted By James Kwasnik On June 2, 2010 @ 2:03 pm In Today's Mets headlines | Comments Disabled

Carlos Beltran told WFAN [1] yesterday that he could play in an extended spring training game as early as next week. The Mets brass aren’t willing to commit to that timeline, however. Even if he does, it’ll still take four to six weeks before he’d be ready to join the active roster.

Despite giving up two more runs while pitching mop-up duty in Monday night’s lopsided affair with the Padres, The Jersey Journal is reporting the Mets have no plans to cut Oliver Perez [2]. Mike Lupica of The Daily News comments on why Perez needs to go [3].

Newsday writes that Luis Castillo could be heading to the disabled list [4] soon thanks to pain in both of his feet. He was hobbling around noticeably, even though his speed running between bases and getting to ground balls seemed to be OK. Once when he was on first base, he barely could get back to the bag on a couple of throw-overs.

The New York Post has a story about the Orioles’ Kevin Millwood and Ty Wigginton are open to being traded to the Mets [5]. Millwood has been a solid starter for the Orioles but a victim of low run support. Wigginton is playing some of the best baseball of his career and could be a fill-in for an ailing Castillo. Do you think the Mets should consider trading for them? If so, whom would give up?

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