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Opening Day at Citi Field

Posted By Brian Heyman On April 5, 2010 @ 11:45 am In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

We’re here at Citi Field, getting ready for Mets-Marlins. The Mets, by the way, come in with the best winning percentage on Opening Day in major-league history at .646 (31-17). Jerry Manuel said before the game that his biggest concern coming out of spring training is the bridge to K-Rod. The manager said he will go setup by committee to start. For his sake, hopefully there will be something regularly to set up. Interestingly, during the pregame introductions, the Mets’ two trainers and strength and conditioning coaches were booed. Oliver Perez had the same reception, and Jerry Manuel and Luis Castillo heard some boos, too.

Here are lineups:
1. Alex Cora SS
2. Luis Castillo 2B
3. David Wright 3B
4. Mike Jacobs 1B
5. Jason Bay LF
6. Gary Matthews Jr. CF
7. Jeff Francoeur RF
8. Rod Barajas C
9. Johan Santana P

1. Chris Coghlan LF
2. Cameron Maybin CF
3. Hanley Ramirez SS
4. Jorge Cantu 3B
5. Dan Uggla 2B
6. Ronny Paulino C
7. Cody Ross RF
8. Gaby Sanchez 1B
9. Josh Johnson P

Update, 1:27: You had a feeling David Wright was going to be more of a home-run threat this year after all the work he did this offseason and after his five Grapefruit League homers in 54 at-bats. And first at-bat of the regular season—home run. He put it in the right place, too, slicing it about 345 to the right-field seats, down the line. Jason Bay also singled off Josh Johnson in his first at-bat. It’s 2-0 Mets in the top of the second.
Update, 2:38: The Mets’ offense has been bringing up bad memories, wasting scoring opportunities. Mike Jacobs and Jason Bay went down swinging with runners on first and second and one out in the third. Then the Mets had the bases loaded with no one out in the fourth, but Johan Santana flied to shallow left and Alex Cora lined into a double play, making them 0 for 4 with runners in scoring position. It’s 2-0 Mets, heading to the last of the fifth. Santana has allowed just two singles so far.
Update, 3:27: Santana did his part, giving up one run and four hits over six innings. He also stranded four in scoring position.
The Mets are up 6-1 in the last of the sixth after scoring four runs this inning and knocking out Johnson in the process. Bay opened with a triple and Gary Matthews Jr. walked. Clay Hensley replaced Johnson and gave up a sac fly to Jeff Francoeur. Hensley made a wild pickoff throw to first, allowing Matthews to go to second. Rod Barajas followed with an RBI double to center, and Angel Pagan, pinch hitting for Santana, followed with an RBI single. Dan Meyer came in and made a wild pickoff throw, too. It went as a stolen base and an error, with Pagan going to third. Pagan scored on a groundout by Alex Cora.
Update, 4:22: Mets win, 7-1. K-Rod closed it out with a 1-2-3 ninth.

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