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Davis sent down

Posted By James Kwasnik On March 23, 2010 @ 1:36 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

Although he’s been on an offensive tear during Spring Training, the Mets have sent Ike Davis down to the minors to continue his evolution. The future starting first baseman had a .480 batting average, with three home runs, three doubles and 10 RBI in just 25 at-bats.

Many think that with those numbers, Davis should be the first baseman on Opening Day. Even though Jerry Manuel insists the battle is between Daniel Murphy and Mike Jacobs, it’s almost guaranteed that Murphy will be the starting first baseman as they’ve devoted too much work and effort into him. Neither Jacobs nor Murphy have been hitting as well as Davis, but Murphy has the better range.

I have no problem with Davis starting in the minors. He hasn’t had any at-bats on the AAA level, so I’m willing to spend the time on him to see some better pitching. If Murphy starts to stink up the joint, then they can always bring him up later.

What are your thoughts about starting Murphy over Jacobs or Davis?

Other moves:
Shawn Riggans and Jolbert Cabrera also were sent down to the minors. Jason Pridie, Nick Evans and Tobi Stoner all were optioned to Triple-A Buffalo.

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