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Mets’ 8-run inning tops Marlins; K-Rod returning

Posted By James Kwasnik On March 8, 2010 @ 6:30 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

The Mets have had little shortage of offense so far this preseason as they keep belting the ball for high-scoring games.

Today’s 11-2 win over the Marlins [1] was the fifth game the Mets have played in which they scored six or more runs. In addition to winning all of those games, they also had a 4-2 decision over the Braves in the first game of Spring Training. In three of those games, against St. Louis, Washington, D.C. and now Florida, the Mets have scored 11 runs or more.

If those aren’t positive signs of a power resurgence, I don’t know what are. Yes, it’s still Spring Training. Yes, a lot of minor leaguers are playing so the quality of the pitching isn’t great. But a lot of those making noise are the ones who have little or no shot of making the Majors roster.

Last year’s starting catcher Omir Santos had an inside-the-park grand slam [2] against the Nationals on Sunday when Willy Taveras couldn’t grab the ball from under the outfield padding. Say what? His chances of making the team are pretty much nil as long as nothing happens to Rod Barajas or Henry Blanco.

Chris Carter, who was sent to the Mets in the Billy Wagner trade with Boston, capped it off today with two home runs in the same inning [3]. The outfielder really has little chance, unless he can do that more often.

Ike Davis continues to impress, even if he did have an error in today’s game. He had two more hits and two more RBI. Davis now has 10 hits and eight RBI, with a .588 batting average. The only other player who comes close is Fernando Martinez, who has amassed eight hits and five runs batted in. He also has a .588 batting average. The future looks bright with these two.

Meanwhile, the Mets have a good news/bad news situation as Francisco Rodriguez is rejoining the team [4]. However, Kelvim Escobar is being shut down due to the loss of strength in his pitching shoulder.

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