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This week’s Mets poll question

Posted By James Kwasnik On August 31, 2009 @ 6:20 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

Last week’s question was: Which Met, who hasn’t yet been on the disabled list this season, will make a trip there next?

Although there were many more options, I’m only posting the results of the ones who got votes:
Johan Santana: 48 percent
Jeff Francoeur: 24 percent
Omir Santos: 9 percent
Francisco Rodriguez: 6 percent
Luis Castillo: 12 percent

This one was answered pretty quickly after the question was initially posted as it was revealed a day later that Santana would undergo season-ending surgery to remove bone chips from his throwing elbow. This would be followed later that day, Aug. 25, with news that J.J. Putz also would be shut down for the season. A day later, it was announced Oliver Perez would get surgery on his troublesome knee to have scar tissue removed.

What makes this all the more amusing—and yes, it is laughable—is that so many players have been called up from Triple-A Buffalo to fill the Major League roster that the Mets are waiting almost a week before expanding their 40-man roster. Why? Because the Buffalo Bisons would barely have enough players to finish out the Triple-A season.

Wilson Valdez, Nelson Figueroa, Anderson Hernandez, Cory Sullivan, Ken Takahashi, Pat Misch, Elmer Dessens and Nick Evans all might be with the Bisons now had there not been so many injuries. You can pretty much match up the usual every-day player on the disabled list with the ones who should be in the minors.

Wilson Valdez = Jose Reyes
Ken Takahashi = J.J. Putz
Cory Sullivan= Carlos Beltran
Anderson Hernandez = Alex Cora (or bench player)
Nelson Figueroa = John Maine
Pat Misch = Oliver Perez
Elmer Dessens = Johan Santana
Nick Evans = Carlos Delgado

On top of that, you might as well put Gary Sheffield on the disabled list for all the good he’s doing the team right now. Wright should finally be back on Tuesday, perhaps with the new helmet with extra padding on his noggin. Beltran could be back by the end of this week or next.

On a side note, have you seen the new helmet? What did you think? It really is a whole lot bigger than the current ones. It looks more like a biking helmet than a baseball helmet. If it works and doesn’t slow the runner down, then I’m all for it. The new ones are supposed to be able to absorb a 100 mph fast ball.

This week’s question is: Will the return of David Wright and possibly Carlos Beltran renew your interest in at least watching the Mets games at all?

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