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Answering your Mets Chat questions

Posted By John Delcos On April 12, 2007 @ 10:19 am In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

Good morning all ….

Responding to your questions and comments from Mets Chat.

-Monz: Nope, not the same Kevin Devaney. But, he’ll be thrilled you thought so.

You’re right. Wright isn’t driving the ball. He had the double off the wall in the opener, but hasn’t shown much pop. I wouldn’t worry about the homers. At least not right now. We’re only eight games in. It’s too soon to be concerned.

-Taylor: Perez is a good guy, maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe he’s not mean enough. Maybe he just has to say, “enough is enough, let me at them,’’ and start throwing hard. I say this because gets in trouble when he thinks too much. They aren’t going to give up on him, but maybe Perez gives up on himself too soon.

-Steve C.: Not a dozen walks by Perez, but it seemed like it. And, you know the answer to your own question on why the game you went to was bad. It’s Murphy’s Law for Fans. The only time I saw Sandy Koufax pitch he was rocked.

-Choo Choo: Couldn’t agree with you more on Park. They are going to need this guy down the road.

-Bryan: I don’t buy he’s pressing to product Delgado. Don’t forget, he has been hitting, just not for power. He’ll come around. If he’s hitting in the .300 range, he’s doing enough things right where the power will eventually come. I think he’ll get more RBI opportunities hitting fifth.

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